The GFS order guide now has the icons designating Acceptable and Preferred products in place.


The WiSNP GFS Order Guide has slimmed down…

A SMALL STEERING COMMITTEE took on the challenge OF REVIEWING ALL ITEMS IN THE WISNP/GFS ORDER GUIDE. THE GOAL was TO STREAMLINE THE GUIDE and provide choices of products that meet nutritional and other set criteria, were creditable for USDA and were reasonable priced.

Why did we do this? Focus our buying power on better quality foods and streamline order guide for better pricing and/or preferred products stocked at GFS.

  • Focus on products of high nutritional quality and cleaner labels

  • Guide purchasing decisions for better pricing

  • Influence items that GFS will stock for the school market

  • Identify product lines for planned shared database, including nutrition information, PFS, Buy American

  • USDA meal component compliance

  • Simplify ordering for new director members

   Resources/Standards Handouts

What we Did

  • Determined standards -desirable qualities of the food items – for use in evaluating products

  • Reviewed food items line by line all items purchased in the past school year and/or currently listed on the order guide to build the WiSNP order guide. We are comparing products for nutrients such as sodium, calories, and ingredients of concern, making sure products are compliant with meal pattern component and smart snacks criteria, and best price for products that meet our standards

  • Removed items from the order guide that don’t meet standards or are duplicates

  • Identified preferred items to be included in the new WiSNP order guide

  • Created a WiSNP order guide with fewer items, focused on quality, nutrition, price and acceptability

We are NOT closing the GFS catalog (you will be able to order any and all items from the GFS catalog).

All recommendations have been completed. You can preview the changes by clicking on the sections listed to the left. The sections are password protected. The password is the same as the members only page.